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Arnold Schwarzenegger Promotes Chiropractic

Dr. Reuben and his staff are the best! Kind, considerate, caring, and always very helpful. Dr. Reuben has relieved my chronic lower back and SI joint enough that I can function easier on a daily basis. I highly recommend him and have also told my surgeon to refer patients to Dr. Reuben.

- C.N. patient since 2012

"Dr. Reuben has been helping me with my back and neck pain ever since my car accident in June. I still have a ways to go but the adjustments, traction, and therapy have helped. There are many days that I still have headaches, back and neck pain and look forward to my appointment. With the pain I suffer from the adjustments are what I most look forward to. Dr. Reuben always takes the time to listen to my concerns and answer my questions. I have never felt "rushed out the door" with him. The physical therapist and Mandee at the front desk are both such sweet hears, very personable!"

- H.M patient since June 2011

"The Accel-Health staff has helped me so much. Other than being super nice, they are flexible and fit into my busy schedule. They have helped me progress and heal from my recent injury. I am thankful for their help"

- J.H. patient since 2011

"When I started at Accel-Health I could not walk without knee and ankle braces in April 2011. As of now, 7 months later, I bike and run without any braces. I must also add, the staff at Accel-Health treat all patients with understanding and compassion and are very polite. Through Acupuncture and Therapy Dr. Reuben has allowed me to participate in softball and golf along with other activities."

- P.M. patient since April 2011

"What can I say? My recovery has been miraculous. The entire staff at Accel-Health has created a wonderfully easy recovery experience. Dr.Malkiel spent a significant amount of time talkingh to me first, then examining me thoroughly, and finally designed a program that resulted in instantaneous success. I was in daily pain, severly limping, and frustrated to the point of tears, when the Accel staff provided me with drug free relief and the ability to walk again. Frankly, I was amazed. The staff has made every effort to accommodate my weekly work schedule and I have actually been able to establish a personal relationship with my doctor; something I seldom experience in other practices. I am completely satisfied with my results and would highly recommend Accel-Health to any preospective patients. Believe me they truly care about you both as a patient and a person."

- J.K. patient since June 2011

"In the late Spring I had injured both wrists with heavy lifting; tendonitis which severely limited my ability to use my hands and caused a constant, debilitating pain. For the first two months I had tried both acupuncture and chiropractic with two different local practitioners, neither of which made any difference, and I was extremely frustrated with zero progress as well as worried about the long-term use of my hands. I did not want to face the prospects of surgery, recovery, and therapy with at least 2 months out of work.

I had seen Dr. Malkiel about 4 years ago for other issues, and remembered that he had used many, many different and effective techniques both for treatment and rehabilitation that other practitioners did not. After seeing him for an evaluation it was obvious that he had lots of experience with complex soft tissue/tendon injuries, which treatment and healing would take a bit of time, but I could trust that I was in very good hands. He took the time to explain in detail what was involved in this type of injury, how long it typically takes to heal, and how we would aggressively and appropriately begin treatment

Dr. Malkiel began treatment with multiple Eastern and Western modalities as well as regular spinal and very specific wrist/hand adjustments, all with a confidence and expertise that I've rarely experienced. Very few practices offer this many different After the first few weeks we also started wrist and forearm strengthening work which is critical to the healing and long term use of my hands. After 3 months, my fear, anxiety, and frustration finally turned to hope for a full recovery and regaining full strength and use of my hands.

This is not the kind of injury to fool around with, and I was NOT willing to accept anything less than a full recovery. After the first month I was out of the constant, nagging, and debilitating pain in both hands. After two months I am still seeing Dr. Malkiel, and he continues to use many conventional and innovative techniques in his arsenal to make sure we keep the recovery process moving forward.

This type of injury takes a lot of time to heal and must be treated with great expertise. Dr. Malkiel's practice was the right place to turn. I would encourage anyone with both common and complex injuries, and who have experienced the frustration that I have with other doctors or therapists, to visit Dr. Malkiel for a consultation."

- S.F. patient since 2009

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